Essentials For Common Stress Viruses

The viral season is upon us and so is stress. There are many stress-related viruses that can rear their ugly heads. What can we do naturally to attack these viruses at their core or ward them off? There are ancient methods that have been used for centuries. Some of the common ones are canker sores and cold sores. More than anything, canker sores and cold sores are annoying. What are they? What causes them? How can you avoid them? What can you do to promote healing? Canker sores are inside your mouth and can be caused by one of several things.

  • too much sugar, carbohydrates, or even fruits which create an acidic condition in the stomach
  • not enough healthy intestinal flora (or probiotics) present 
  • not enough hydrochloric acid to properly digest your foods
  • not enough alkaline foods (vegetables, greens) eaten with your meals
  • in other words, the environment in the stomach is overly acidic which manifests itself in the mouth

Taking probiotics and increasing your water intake is helpful. Essential oils can also be very beneficial in reducing and soothing canker sores:

  • melaleuca dotted on sore directly
  • melaleuca in a spoonful of water swished and swallowed

Cold sores are actually caused by an infection of the herpes simplex virus, thus they must be regarded as a virus. However, certain foods can trigger the response: chocolate, cola drinks, beer, grain cereals, peas, nuts and seeds. Here are several suggestions along with essential oil solutions:

  • L-Lysine (an amino acid) supplement can be effective
  • a live probiotic taken internally is also beneficial
  • topically apply essential oils such as melaleuca, melissa (lemon balm), peppermint, or helichrysum - sometimes dotting on more than one does the trick
  • also consider taking a few drops of essential oil in a veggie capsule internally: melaleuca, melissa, peppermint and/or helichrysum (only those meant for consumption)
  • also consider getting a new toothbrush and placing one drop each of clove and cinnamon essential oils on toothbrush while brushing to dispel the pathogens in the mouth (then discard and replace toothbrush after cold sore is gone)

Essential oils can be very effective solutions in either case in helping you avoid or minimize the effects. Thank goodness for essential oils!

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Erleen Tilton
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