Top Foods For Breast and Prostate Cancer

Certain foods can help win the battle against two of the leading killers in America today. These key super foods are known to significantly reduces the chances of occurrence. This new study from Harvard shows us that we need to start educating our kids on the importance of quality nutrition now, rather than “eat whatever you want, you’re young” mentality. Remember the seeds that we sow now will create the harvest that we will have tomorrow. Cancer and other health challenges are created in 10 year increments. What you do in your twenties will show up in your thirties, and so on. 

A recent study at Harvard Medical School concluded that eating more nuts, lentils, and legumes during childhood will significantly reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer later on in life. Just a small 2 oz. serving of nuts, or nut butter every other day resulted in almost a 66% reduction in breast cancer in young women. Amazing! Making these small changes to add in pumpkin seeds, walnuts, kidney beans, and the like can make a big difference in our overall health. Remember, it’s what we do every day that counts. Our health account is compounded daily and we can yield great results if we make the better choices daily.