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With such a busy life that you live and the many types of activities that go on each day, by night time you are just so worn out and are able to sleep so soundly - right? Not for most people! Instead, most individuals report that they don’t have enough energy in the day, and they don’t sleep well at night. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep - not just those with insomnia. Sleep is your body’s time to regenerate from the activities of your day. And if you don’t sleep well each night, that creates stress, which weakens your immune system, which can create inflammation, and cause autonomic imbalance. You need a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

There are several reasons why insomnia can be a typical challenge, but for the most part, here’s the culprit to most over all disorder and dysfunction:

1.Lack of nutrition
2.Too much toxicity in the body

So how do you remedy this so you can have more energy in the day, and sleep better at night?

1.Drink Water with Lemon Essential Oil
Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to your water throughout the day. This will increase your body’s ability to cleanse
2. At night just before crawling into bed, use calming essential oils to assist you. Lavender essential oil is my personal favorite. I apply a couple of drops behind my neck, a little on my temples, then another drop or two on the bottoms of both my feet at the ball. I fall asleep faster and rest more soundly throughout the night. Roman chamomile, marjoram, sandalwood are also good oils for relaxing. You can apply them in the same way as recommended for Lavender.

Start by doing the things that increase your energy, and then use good pure therapeutic essential oils to calm your body so you can have a wonderful night’s rest.

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Erleen Tilton
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