Essentials For Achieving Your Health Goals!

It’s not rocket science - it’s common sense actually! What you put into your body is your fuel and if you feed your body lousy fuel, you will feel lousy as well as obtain unwanted weight! If you eat foods which are lacking nutrients and fiber and are filled with artificial chemicals, then you can’t expect to be lean and enjoy high performance. It’s just that plain and simple. And even worse, people somehow think depriving yourself or taking some synthetic stimulant will fix the problem! Here’s the simple truth:

  1. Eat quality foods and get quality performance….great weight balance naturally!
  2. Drink water, void of chemicals and stimulants for cleansing instead of polluting!
  3. To accelerate cleansing, increase your energy, raise your metabolism and shed unwanted pounds, use essential oils!

Here are some which are highly beneficial:

  • lemon essential oil is one of nature’s best internal cleansers and has the ability to pull toxic substances from your cells
  • grapefruit essential oil has the ability of shrinking your fat cells, again a great cleanser
  • cinnamon essential oil provides balance for your blood sugar, assists digestion, and can also be very effective in dispelling pathogens found in your gut
  • peppermint essential oil is invigorating which will help speed up your metabolism and influence better digestion
  • ginger also assists digestion and can greatly help reduce your cravings

These can be taken singly or in a blend and added to water, in a capsule, or straight under your tongue IF your oils are meant for internal consumption. As a blend, they can also be applied topically on areas of

Other essential oils that are also greatly helpful for weight reduction are those that cleanse and improve the functions of the colon, liver, and kidneys as all of these are part of our digestive system which metabolizes your intake of food and drink and assists all other biological processes.

  • juniper and lemongrass essential oils provide excellent cleansing and support for the kidneys
  • oregano, thyme, melaleuca, lemon and lemongrass essential oils are excellent for cleansing your gut and colon
  • lemon and cilantro essential oils are especially helpful for cleansing the liver

Bottom line…..being lean is a lifestyle choice….it’s learning to say goodbye to foods that pollute your body and put you in fat gain/store mode. Lean foods, water and essential oils put your body in fat burning mode - where you want to be right? Again, it’s not rocket science - it’s just a matter of making wise choices that will get you then keep you at a healthy happy weight for life! You have to decide if it’s worth it!

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