Essentials For Circulation

Lack of circulation can create many health challenges: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neuropathy, varicose veins, and more. What creates poor circulation and what can improve circulation? 

Over the last decade or two we’ve been told that unhealthy and over indulgence of meats, fats, cheeses and other animal proteins containing saturated fats do and will create hardening of the arteries and impair proper circulation. This is true in part. 

What contributes more to the problem is the abundance of omega-6 trans fats that are a high percentage of most processed foods. White sugar and white flour themselves are negative contributors simply because they contain no fiber, enzymes, or nutrients that create digestive action or movement. Instead they can stagnate, rot, and produce unhealthy microorganisms in the gut and throughout your organs. Eating more raw fruits and vegetables, and increasing water intake should be your number one priority.

Essential oils can also produce amazing benefits in improving circulation: 

  • cypress is one of the most beneficial oils applied topically for improving proper circulation for feet and legs especially
  • lemon (if pure, therapeutic) can be added to your water or kefir for internal stimulation and artery/cellular cleansing; applied topically on heart is also helpful
  • orange is also very effective rubbed topically on your heart, especially during times of anxiousness or increased heart rate
  • ginger applied topically is found to relieve chest pain, stimulating action and flow
  • ylang ylang applied topically helps to normalize healthy heart rhythm and improve circulation
  • marjoram is excellent in reducing high blood pressure in conjunction with ylang ylang; marjoram applied topically on feet - ylang ylang applied on the heart

Tips for success:

  • consistency is vital
  • a little bit more often is more effective than a lot at once (1-2 drops per application morning and night, or in an acute situation 3-4 times daily)
  • when applying topically, you can add a drop or two of coconut oil for sensitive skin or sensitive areas on the body
  • do not ingest essential oils not meant for internal use, and consider upgrading to quality oils that can be ingested

I encourage you to give essential oils a try. And make sure and do a before and after 2-week/4-week test. See for yourself how they are working for you - they will if you are using good quality oils and applying them correctly! Quality matters here!

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Erleen Tilton
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