Essentials for Sleeping Soundly

How many of your are challenged with having a good night’s sleep or know someone who is? I know there are many tips out there to guide you to better sleep - and many of you have tried them.

  • don’t drink caffeine or chocolate within a few hours of bedtime
  • don’t watch television or be on your other electronics late in the evening
  • avoid processed foods and sweets in the evening
  • take a warm bath and read before bedtime
  • make sure it is quiet and dark in your room

These are all important for a good night’s rest, however for many, following these suggestions, though important, are still not enough. Here’s why….

Your body’s ability to rest and relax at night is contingent upon your body’s ability to be energized throughout the day. Your autonomic nervous system is comprised of two systems that work together simultaneously. Your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for activity. But under stress, your body cannot produce the amount of energy you need. Your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for your body’s state of rest and digest. Under stress, you are not able to relax. In other words, when you are under stress (a key word here), you don’t have energy in the day, and you can’t relax at night... sound familiar?

So what causes your body stress?

One might suggest….long work hours, marital problems, money, etc. But think about this….one hundred years ago did they have long work hours out in the blazing sun, marital problems, money shortages, etc. too? Yes, but they didn’t experience the amount of stress most people do today!

ONE DEFINING CULPRIT not often mentioned that creates most anyone’s stress is: lack of nutrition! Unless your body has ample micronutrient components, it will not function optimally….it can’t, it won’t! And in order to have the right amount of energy in your day, you must eat a diet of wholesome foods and eliminate those that are nutrient depleted and full of chemicals.

In addition, here are a few other ‘essential’ recommendations:

  • Citrus essential oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange) are cleansing, energizing, alkalizing, and invigorating. Only use those meant for internal consumption, and add 15-20 drops to your water throughout your day. Good energy comes from having a clean, alkalized system and the citrus oils will greatly help you with this!
  • These same citrus oils can also be diffused or simply inhaled throughout the day to promote stress reduction…..these are energizing, yet stress reducing - amazing!
  • There are also many grounding essential oils: frankincense, Roman chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver and blends that help to reduce stress, be more grounded and focused. Apply topically once or twice daily on the back of your neck, behind your ear lobes, or on your wrists. The topical and aromatic applications can produce excellent benefits but you may have to experiment to know which ones work best for you!
  • Then before bedtime, apply lavender, or a serenity/calming blend, grounding blend or some of the grounding oils (Roman chamomile, vetiver) to the back of your neck and bottoms of feet (only 1-2 drops per area).
  • Along with the beginning suggestions you should have a better night’s sleep!


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Live a life of Wellness and Abundance with these simple gifts from nature!

Erleen Tilton
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