Losing The Belly Fat


1. Drink Green Tea Daily
Studies have shown that 1-2 cups of green tea helps lower abdominal fat
2. Use Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
University tests have proven that 3-6 grams of CLA with meals can help reduce the spare tire.
3. Early Morning Cardio
Exercising as soon as you wake up has been shown in some studies to increase lipolysis. Don’t do it longer than about 30 minutes. Get your breakfast in immediately following .
4. Eat more Nuts
Just a 1oz or handful of nuts in many studies have shown to reduce belly fat and increase testosterone levels.
5. Partial Day Fasting
Science has shown us how powerful fasting can be. By doing a partial day fast each week, you can elevate growth hormone significantly, increases the body’s capability to eliminate toxins, and accelerate your fat burning potential. I like to fast with a green drink around 8am and noon of that day to add some nutrients and natural ways of supporting the digestion.