Vitamin B3

Certain vitamins are powerful at burning body fat in the body. Niacin or nicotinic acid (B3) is a powerful vitamin that we can’t perform well without. It also helps to lower cholesterol and support healthy blood sugar levels. A slight, non-clinical deficiency can lead to fatigue, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, and restlessness. It is difficult to get too much of this vitamin, however, if you do, it will lead to flushing, skin issues, and digestive challenges. If it is long-term overdose it can lead to liver damage, diabetes, and even birth defects. The average adult needs about 20mg per day. You can easily get this essential vitamin from our foods. Here are some of my favorite natural food sources to get some vitamin B3.

1.Yellowfin Tuna

2.Organic Hormone-Free Chicken Breast


4.Green Peas

5.Sunflower Seeds